Red Piccatiglio

This recipe is a rework of the original Piccatiglio, a spicy sauce that featured great amounts of pepper and aromatic herbs from Apicius’ book.

The main two variants that have been introduced in our revisitation of the original were substituting pepper with fresh chili and the use of dried tomatoes. Both these ingredients came to us centuries later Apicius wrote his book and while they might appear an odd choice they are the best possible combination to be complemented by the aromatic herbs, unchanged from the original recipe. This variation represents the potential of these ingredients to be reintroduced in our modern day cuisine.

Ingredients: dried tomatoes, mind, extra virgin olive oil, peppers, capers, vinegar, garlic, lemon, lovage, parsley.

Pairing recommendations: out of all of our sauces this is easily the most flavourful and easy to pair. The foods we especially recommend to try with this product are fresh cheeses, as a bread spread and as a pizza garnish. However, given how Red Piccatiglio suits most types of dishes we highly suggest experimenting to find your own delicious combinations.

Ancient Romans used condiments and sauces on every kind of dish. Our suggestions aim to point the consumer toward pairings that we have found to enhance the meal experience. However, we would encourage you to find your own combinations and to experiment with our sauces just like we did, to find what works best for your individual tastes.

pepe nero
Black pepper, the original main ingredient of Piccatiglio
Levistico or mountain celery
Sapienti a colloquio _ mosaico Pompei museo archeologico Napoli
The sages convene - Pompei