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Our research delves into a journey through the tastes over the centuries, to rediscover the story behind long forgotten flavors described by authors such as Catone and Columella. Discover the tragic history behind De re coquinaria, the oldest cookery book in existence written by Apicio, born in 25 a.C., a peculiar figure who spent his whole life pursuing new ingredients and recipes. So dedicated to this way of life he was that once his richness were spent on his travels, he choose suicide instead of no longer being able to follow his passion. Unbeknownst to him, his work went ahead to be known as the oldest compendium on ancient western recipes and even inspired a culinary revolution during the renaissance.

Our products are a product of the highest quality, from their smells to their taste, so much so that small quantities are enough to flavor any dish. They are produced artisanally, all of our ingredients are fresh, of biological origins and without any added preservatives or dyes.

Their taste will surprise you, wave after wave of flavors always new and fresh.

Our ingredients have been meticulously researched and selected to be of the best quality and the most fresh. We choose with care our providers making sure that they would all offer us the best of what was locally grown and share in our philosophy of love for our territory, the environment and good food to benefit the mind and body of those who consume our products.

Dedicate yourself to continuous discoveries in life with joyous passion. 





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Apicius' in vase sauce






Red Piccatiglio


The ingredients in our products have been meticulously researched and are not always easy to find. Many of the aromatic plants we use in our sauces are the wild variant of those normally used in our kitchens and they either come from the territory or have been sourced from organic farmers. To us the choice of our raw materials is the starting point to realize the best possible version of the recipes we propose to you. We took these cookery books and adapted them to the modern palate. We aimed at maintaining as much of the original ingredients but found viable alternatives to those to which we are not accustomed today. To our surprise not many changes were needed as many of the raw materials needed for these recipes have survived to us and are often overlooked in our kitchens. The aromatic herbs and spices we use, like fresh coriander, mint, lovage, rue, parsley, celery, wild fennel, sage, thyme, oregano, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ginger are just some of the many plants we work with while preparing our products. Our sauces are gluten free and meat free thanks to the way we prepare them. The variety of tastes you will find in these products will satisfy many different preferences. For their preservation we have decided to use ancient methods that have been adapted to comply with the strictest food safety rules. The combination we have found to work best uses olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and honey.

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The Quatern

Three sauces and one condiment

The Sampler

Three original recipes

Taste ancient luxury

Experience a taste of historical cuisine

To do so we made these 4 products, Apicius’ in vase sauce, Epytirum, Allec, e Red Piccatiglio in which we have put together all the knowledge that came from historical sources, the excellence of our ingredients, the uniqueness of aromatic plants of old, the intensity of spices and the freshness of our ingredients. All through the reality of our artisanal entrepreneurship.