Apicius' in vase sauce

This sauce has a very unique presentation according to its namesake, it used to be served in vases cooled by putting them over ice. Apicius' De re coquinaria describes many uses for this condiment, to mention some of the most common pairing: white meats, cheeses, fruit, bread and eggs. We would be remiss not to mention its extremely pleasant refreshing effects especially when paired with summer fruits.

Our sauce stays true to Apicius’ recipe when it comes to its aromatics and spices, allowing their flavors to be the most prominent. Thanks to the amalgamation of all the ingredients with honey the end result is a sweet and aromatic experience that enhances any foods paired with it.

Ingredients: pine nuts, raisin, extra virgin olive oil, ginger, coriander, celery, capers, mint, wine, vinegar, honey, onion.

Pairing recommendations: with toasted or plain bread, as a condiments for pasta or any other cereal, either alone or accompanied with other condiments, on red meat, especially filets, white meats, fishes with a delicate taste, on boiled dishes, boiled eggs, grilled vegetables, salads and to accompany both fresh and aged cheeses.

Ancient Romans used condiments and sauces on every kind of dish. Our suggestions aim to point the consumer toward pairings that we have found to enhance the meal experience. However, we would encourage you to find your own combinations and to experiment with our sauces just like we did, to find what works best for your individual tastes.

Ancient Roman glass vase
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