Historiam Firenze it’s a local artisan association dedicated to study and rediscover the gastronomical roots of our territory by examining the stratification and contamination that influenced it over the course of more than 2000 years.

We are on a journey that began with the ancient Etruscan people whose recipes have been dated back to before the foundation of the Roman Republic. This archeological approach to gastronomy has allowed us to track back the various influences that became mainstays of our modern cuisine.

Our recipes are the culmination of this historical and gastronomical research, through which we have rediscovered the plants our ancestors used as spices, to give their foods aromas that have been long lost in our modern cuisine.


the history of the foods on our tables, their origins and the multiple marks that succeeding cultures left in them.


our roots through the knowledge our ancestors left us and emulating their good practices regarding the culture around food.


a vast gastronomical heritage not just to learn from it but also use it to reinvent new and interesting dishes for the modern palate.


more sustainable and responsible culinary culture by learning from our shared past.
Our products

Come with us on a journey through the centuries by rediscovering the story behind long forgotten flavors described by authors such as Catone and Columella. Discover the tragic history behind De re coquinaria, the oldest cookery book in existence written by Apicio, born in 25 a.C., a peculiar figure who spent his whole life pursuing new ingredients and recipes. So dedicated to this way of life he was that once his richness were spent on his travels, he choose suicide instead of no longer being able to follow his passion. Unbeknownst to him, his work went ahead to be known as the oldest compendium on ancient western recipes and even inspired a culinary revolution during the renaissance.

A history of taste

The history behind our sauces can be read as a journey through the history of food. Just like that we propose a path to allow our customers to best savor the tastes and flavors of our products one after another. It begins with Apicius' in vase sauce, served cool, with a delicate taste and refreshing feeling, Epytirum then features a more exotic aroma, Allec has a bold but well balanced profile and, our final recommendation, Red Piccatiglio captivates with its taste and just the right amount of spiciness.




Apicius' in vase sauce

A sauce that features a very delicate flavor given to it by the unique mix of many ingredients, most notably pine nuts, ginger, honey and aromatic herbs like fresh coriander and mint.


The ancients’ paté, its main flavor comes from the olives, a mainstay of mediterranean cuisine, then enhanced by aromatics like wild fennel, mint and rue, and spices such as cumin and coriander, giving this sauce a particularly fragrant and exotic profile.


Famously known as the solid part of the Garum, a mainstay sauce on every ancient roman table. It exquisitely balances anchovies paste, wild fennel, sage, thyme and oregano in a precise mixture of vincotto.

Red Piccatiglio

This historic sauce was revisited by adding dried tomatoes and fresh chilly in place of some of the original spices. However, it remains loyal in its use of fresh aromatic herbs, like lovage, mint and parsley. The mild spiciness of some of its ingredients greatly enhances its aftertaste bringing forth its lemony zest.

We poured into our products the knowledge of thousands of years of history, the excellence of Italian tastes, the fragrance of aromatic plants, the intensity of spices and the freshness of our ingredients.