Garum or Apicius’ sauce was a mainstay of the ancient Roman world and before them of the greeks.

This condiment was used abundantly in place of salt and was prepared by fermenting small fishes like anchovies, sardines and herrings to which bigger fishes and aromatic herbs were added.

Apicius used it in place of salt and to cook mushrooms, truffles, eggs or small game.

Garum was not only a condiment but it also an ancient remedy against ulcers, burns and even some joint pains.

Our sauce is an evolution of Apicius’ original, combining the Garum, the liquid part of this recipe, and the Allec, the solid part. This choice of modifying the original recipe was both to soften the flavor of the Allec and create a product that could be enjoyed by modern tastes.

Ingredients: anchovies paste, sage, thyme, oregano, vincotto, wild fennel.

Pairing recommendations: this sauce goes extremely well with boiled meats, mushrooms, fishes with a particularly delicate flavor, with toasted or plain bread, as a condiment for a pasta with butter, meats, boiled eggs, to flavor salads and to accompany any cheese.

Ancient Romans used condiments and sauces on every kind of dish. Our suggestions aim to point the consumer toward pairings that we have found to enhance the meal experience. However, we would encourage you to find your own combinations and to experiment with our sauces just like we did, to find what works best for your individual tastes.

Mosaic, amphora used in the making of Garum
Wild fennel
strumenti medicina_antichi romani
Ancient medical instruments